I cleared my mute and block lists and Twitter and... Holy shit there are some horrible people on that platform.

Tonight is one of those nights I relish. Hanging with my folks and the antics are amazing.

My parents really are the worst influences.

Me: I'm not drinking and I'm doing a diet bet
Mom: I bought you coke
Also mom: we're at a pub. A beer won't kill you

Every time we see a pelican either @joytreats@twitter.com or I proclaims "brown pelican." I blame @shelleyKeith@twitter.com

It's not even 4pm and it is as dark as night in here.

This is also a lesson on why you claiming "you don't care about privacy" is bullshit. It's not about you and your "I got mine, fuck you" attitude needs to jump off a cliff
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Bloody hell. 600 law enforcement agencies have been quietly using a face recognition app that has scraped 3bn images from YouTube, Facebook, Venmo and other sites - @kashhill's latest nytimes.com/2020/01/18/t…

A bad day at the beach is better than a good day at work, right?

I moved my own site to Netlify the other day and, so far, I couldn't be happier with the process. chriswiegman.com/2020/01/movin

5 goals in 20 minutes. This is an.... interesting... game

Pro tip: you can still be outraged and politically active without making every tweet about it.

this lesson took me years to learn

They're offering P-51 rides for $2400 and B-24 rides for $475 next weekend near my house. This might be worth skipping a couple of vacations for!

How many companies from this list do you use? If you consider yourself a digital rights advocate follow the 1st question up with how many of these companies for you criticize others for using. We must all do better. slate.com/technology/2020/01/e

Heh. My lights just told me I'm going to need to buy a new hub as the app will stop supporting the old version. I fucking hate tech sometimes.

Enjoying playing with GraphQL for Laravel today. I'm not sure it's not overkill for our project but it's fun all the same

What the actual fuck?
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This had my jaw on the floor, which is saying a lot these days. Opera - yes, the browser company - has pivoted to being a provider of predatory payday loan apps in Africa. h/t @brucel hindenburgresearch.com/opera-p

The down side of getting real books from the library... my travel bag is about twice its normal weight for the weekend.

Yeah, I know I could skip the book but... I DONT WANT TO DAMNIT!

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