TIL about Google photos/drive: As I move to linux I had about 100GB of photos backed up on an encrypted hard drive. To make the move easy, as encrypted drives don't work well between mac/linux, I uploaded the whole "backup" folder to GDrive (paid for the space) so I could format and download on the new machine. OK, problem solved, right?

Nope, as I removed the extra backup folder it looked in my Google photos for matches and deleted them all. FML

@ericmann Nope. Looked in the trash... turns out removing from drive trash cleared from photos trash too. Guess who gets to re-upload 100GB of photos this week?

@chriswiegman I mean on Google Drive. the web UI might have it?

@ericmann I've tried the trash on both. Drive trash had 41 photos (out of 20k +) in it. To be fair, when I removed the backup folder I immediately emptied the trash because... why pay for that?

@chriswiegman Ouch. Last time I moved that many photos, I used an external HDD. Had the dual benefit of migrating and producing a backup at the same time...

@ericmann Makes sense. I back up to an external. No good way to handle encryption between though (was encrypted APFS for mac, now LUKS for Linux). Upping GDrive to 1TB temporarily to handle it all seemed like a great idea, just had to wait for the upload download (which is easy has I have plenty of other work to do).

I should've just bought the damn NAS I was debating over the weekend.

@chriswiegman When you do, let me know what you think. I've got to do a better job backing things up in general.

Current strategy includes:
- All photos synced to Drive (Google)
- All photos redundantly synced to OneCloud (MS)
- Most photos and docs synced to Dropbox
- Most photos and docs synced to 2 OwnCloud boxes with different hosts (one AWS, one an on-site RPi)

Only way I'll ever lost anything is in case of nuclear apocalypse ... but the recovery/retrieval story is a bit frustrating.

@chriswiegman Mostly, I want better access to my media. This will (soon) include video. All of my purchased movies are "in the cloud" and unavailable offline. Amazon killed it's offline downloads, and I want a hard out from Apple (that and they've announced plans to remove offline stuff from iTunes in the near future as well).

I don't trust other people to keep my stuff, but I also need fast, reliable, easy access ...

@ericmann @chriswiegman I have a bunch of closer backups but then it’s all in backblaze as the final place in case I do some stupid

@chriswiegman did you ever consider VeraCrypt(veracrypt.fr/en/Downloads.html) derived from TrueCrypt which supports cross-platform encrypted storage? For remote backups I use ArqBackup(arqbackup.com/) along with Amazon Glacier. I used to use JungleDisk with Amazon S3 but after many problems with JungleDisk updates hosing up my iMac backups and getting no resolution for weeks I just cut the chord and went to ArqBackup.

@timnolte I had used TrueCrpypt extensively before its issues. I admit I haven't looked at the successor. As I've worked to minimize my data native encryption has been perfectly adequate sans this single issue.

@timnolte I'm looking into ArqBackup though. Thanks. When I was on TrueCrypt, JungleDisk was another stable.

@chriswiegman darn, for some reason I thought ArqBackup was available for Linux now too. I have been using Rclone on the "Linux" side, under my #Termux Dev setup. It's not as automatic like other solutions but it does support a vast array of cloud-based storage destinations.

@timnolte I'll take a look for alternatives this evening. I'm sure there is something out there. I like the model of it just being an interface to Glacier/etc

@timnolte I found cloudberrylab.com/backup/linux for Linux which looks like it will be worth a try. We'll see how it goes. It would at least cover the offsite issue for the last few items I'm worried about.

@curtismchale @chriswiegman I used/tried SpiderOak a long time ago and had major issues with things and received very poor support so left them. They might be better now, but given my past experience I pretty much write them off now.

@chriswiegman cool, I have not checked into them. I'd love to hear about your experience trying it out.

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