I've definitely noticed that I gravitating here to Mastodon for conversation but when mindlessly consuming I still go to the bird site.

@chriswiegman yeah, I would agree to some extent. I have tried to follow a number of #Mastodon users and check the instance feeds regularly in an effort to do more just consumption here. When I find a lack of things to read here I do pop over to #birdsite too. Sometimes I feel disconnected when someone asks me if I had heard about "such and such" and they say it's been all over birdsite.

@curtismchale Same here, but for me that looks like reducing time on the more addictive services, especially Facebook.

@chriswiegman With the new house and dedicated office I just put my phone and iPad in the office at dinner time and left them their till the morning. Brought a book and my notebook up to the other floors with me and only interacted with those for the evening.

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