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Nice 👏

From August 3rd all new apps on Google Play that access background location will need to be reviewed

From November 2nd all existing apps including apps made by Google that request background location will need to be approved or will be removed


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It’s stories like these that really make you feel good to being a WordCamp organizer. That all the work is worth it.

“How @wordcampmiami@twitter.com Changed My Life” @camille_vogl@twitter.com


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What are the benefits of using a multi-CMS approach?

Join @vansonbourne@twitter.com’s Charlie Wood and WP Engine’s @monicacravotta@twitter.com for a webinar next Wednesday and learn about the rise of multiple CMSs, headless usage in the enterprise, and more.

Register here: wpeng.in/3953df/

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I've made it to the big time - featured as a famous New Orleanian woman on one of the marching krewe's t-shirts during Mardi Gras. 😃

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A reminder that security is a balancing act between making something secure whilst making access convenient.

Ipsha Bhidonia

It's been at least a year since I've had a week with as much code as this week and all I can say is... damn it feels good. This is why I came to @wpengine@twitter.com in the first place. I want to build stuff.

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First JumpShot and now Hitwise. GDPR is starting to change the marketing world.

"Our primary partner is no longer in a position to provide us with data"

Hitwise used to "help companies track every stage of the consumer’s journey, from search to purchase down to the hour"

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"Nothing stops a bullet like a job"

This is the simple slogan that has guided Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ for decades as he built "Homeboy Industries" into the most successful gang-intervention program in the world.

Fr. General came to listen, and to learn from their stories.

It's going to be a busy weekend. Let's get this thing started!

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Instagram is red,
Facebook is blue,
Whatsapp is green and they are all the same company collecting data about you!

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I thought I was pretty well-versed in the absolute hellscape that is the gig economy, but these stories from @Target@twitter.com's Shipt brings the dystopia to new levels of too-on-the-nose-for-fiction. Classifying these workers as contractors is a portal of abuse. vice.com/en_us/article/dygxzw/

It takes some serious mental gymnastics to be this dense.
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Absolutely disgusting service at Schiphol airport. 55 minutes we have been stood in the immigration queue. This isn’t the Brexit I voted for.

This was a lot of fun. Lots of uses for Traefik in the WordPress world too!
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Here we go! Join @chriswiegman of @wpengine as he teaches how he uses Traefik 2.x. Join us 👉zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_PR

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Speak at a tech conference or WordCamp? Here’s three ways speakers can be considerate to organizers.


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Join us today, 9a PDT! 😀Join us for a Traefik Online Meetup with @ChrisWiegman@twitter.com of @wpengine@twitter.com. Registration and details here 👉bit.ly/38qizWi

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Brining the sessions into an online format would be phenom! A lot of folks put a ton of energy into preparing; let’s make it count. 🤜🤛

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The state of web push notifications:

The average site has a notification prompt acceptance rate of 17%, dismissal 24%, rejection 41%, and ignore 19%.

22.76% accept on phones, 18.75% on tablets and only 6.11% on desktops.


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Speaking of Firefox, here's a nice profile on Mozilla's pivot to user privacy and the better web:

"Mozilla lost the browser wars. It still thinks it can save the internet"


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