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So at what point will GitHub become a walled garden where we're forced to use it's proprietary interfaces and no one will actually no how to use GIT anymore?

My little Asus Zenbook is a great little writing machine but it is hard to do a lot of serious dev work on for me as I've gotten used to more screen realestate

For those in the back:

“Blockchain is not a useful general purpose technology.”

“Blockchain Is Not A Useful General Purpose Technology.”



In view of being cancelled, Wordfence is providing a fund of $10,000 immediately to assist the community with airline and hotel change fees. We are a global community, we stand with in making this tough call, we will do our part. Details:

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Ok community. Let’s get some people employed.

Comment below with any open positions in your company or that you know about.

Together, we make our community stronger. ❤️

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Brining the sessions into an online format would be phenom! A lot of folks put a ton of energy into preparing; let’s make it count. 🤜🤛

One more half day in the office with my team before I go home this afternoon. Looking forward to putting all these plans into action.

Do I need more reasons to tell my parent friends to not post pictures of their children online?

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The state of web push notifications:

The average site has a notification prompt acceptance rate of 17%, dismissal 24%, rejection 41%, and ignore 19%.

22.76% accept on phones, 18.75% on tablets and only 6.11% on desktops.

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"the iconic American planemaker and its subcontractors have relied on temporary workers making as little as $9 an hour to develop and test software"

Why not $8? I'm sure there is a way

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Like damn, it is depressing how toxic the culture around morally superior, meritocratic minded people can be.

Say what you will about large tech companies (and I say a ton), but at least they are clear about being driven by profit and act accordingly.

My birthday. I guess my gift is waking up to the easiest marketing job ever. Integrity matters a lot in this world. Thank you, and my friends, for helping our friends in the WordPress community.

In episode 1 we talk password managers. I’ve received lots of replies mentioning Bitwarden.

I do not recommend Bitwarden because it uses Google Analytics in the apps.

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Web developers want to build websites. They want to use Git to do that. With JAMstack, everyone has become accustomed to the idea of pushing a git commit and getting the new build/release. That’s why I built WP Continuous Deployment.

⭐ The repo here →

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Speaking of Firefox, here's a nice profile on Mozilla's pivot to user privacy and the better web:

"Mozilla lost the browser wars. It still thinks it can save the internet"

🚨 Job 🚨 Are you an experienced developer?


😀are friendly + humble
❤️back-end + web performance 🚀
❤️to maintain + improve websites
❤️to build user experiences that deliver impact + value
❤️to learn

Join us

Researching for a future episode: how do you feel about employee monitoring software? Why or why not?

Please boost for bigger sample size.

This is for a future Your Secure Life podcast episode. My local tech association has a talk coming up presented by a company that makes employee monitoring software.

I’d like to do an episode (and a talk) on why that’s bad.

I have my reasons. What are yours?

Checkout past episodes at Https://

“It is highly disturbing that we still have to have to say this, but websites dealing with such sensitive topics should not track their users for marketing purposes. Your mental health is not and should never be for sale.”

This is so emblematic of South Florida. We transit users are always a 2nd-thought. 🤦🏿‍♂️

For me, probably 96 as it was the first time I could vote. I spent the next 10 years or so after that trying to figure out who I was before any of it made sense to me though
What is your first childhood memory of a presidential campaign and being aware of the candidates running?

Mine is the 2000 general election, SNL's Al Gore "lockbox" spoof. Not sure I remember hearing about a primary …

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