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Hey y'all. A good friend of ours could use your help. He has 3 yr old twins with serious medical issues including Rhett's syndrome and others and insurance and his salary just can't keep up (his wife has to be their full time caretaker so only one salary). If you can spare a few quid please help them out and spread the message!

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I have a Laravel question.

Should I be worried about the stability of querying data from an external API from a job that fires on an event?

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Nice 👏

From August 3rd all new apps on Google Play that access background location will need to be reviewed

From November 2nd all existing apps including apps made by Google that request background location will need to be approved or will be removed


Thank you, for listening to my ranting and then directing me to more fun topics with a history lesson this morning. I needed that!

Well, the excitement I had earlier this week is long gone. Replaced with another holding pattern. Here's to moving forward anyway today, no matter how that path might look.

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It’s stories like these that really make you feel good to being a WordCamp organizer. That all the work is worth it.

“How Changed My Life”

Or they're weighed down by any reason outside of their control which prevents them from moving on their passion. Vision does not provide a path to action. It simply provides a vision of what an accessible path can lead to.
I find it interesting when people come to me saying they're passionate about creating.

Okay cool.

So what are you doing about it?


"If you are working on some…

A typical webpage can weigh 4 MB

If it is downloaded 600,000 it creates as much CO2 as one tree can absorb in a year. (10 KG)

Reduce webpage weight

Someone asked me if a tool was open source. I excitedly said yes & began to tell them how they could contribute

They looked puzzled. They didnt actually care that it was open source. What they meant was is it free?!

Funny how everyone wants free but dont wanna help build it 🥴

PHP 7.2.28, 7.3.15, and 7.4.3 are released! These include security fixes among other bug fixes, so please upgrade. →

Me: We need to talk.
Recipe: okay.
M: You can't keep asking this of me.
R: i'm trying to HELP
M: I KNOW. But the eggs I use are never going to be "room temperature"
M: the softened butter?
R: god no
M: it was mostly melted in the microwave
R: *sobs*

An anti-anti-ad script! That's what hackers behind the WP-VCD botnet are using to ensure their spammy ads get seen on their malicious WordPress websites so they can make more 💰.

P.S. Don't download pirated WP themes. Pay the few bucks to the creators.

One of my favorite things about “Tech Twitter” is how we all rally and help when someone has lost a job.

If someone puts it out there that they lost a job or looking for something new, Tech Twitter delivers!

I’ve seen many lives changed over a single Tweet about needing work.

The construction of the pyramids in Giza begins. Simultaneously, you decide to save $10,000 per day. You do not spend any money.

It is now 2020. There are 69 people who have more money than you.

ALSO, being on a social media platform is not a free call for people to burden you with demands for conversation or debate.

I am free to post whatever I want on here, ppl are free to answer (in the limits of politeness and intellectual honesty, which is obviously lacking when someone accuses me of refusing discussion when I was talking about something else entirely).

But I am also free to do whatever I want with the replies I get and call ppl out when it bears a load of BS.

Look at the world today—violence is rife, weapons proliferate and countries eagerly pursue arms sales. This is a wrong approach. There are other ways to make money. The world needs non-violence and compassion, not in terms of prayers, but as spurs to a different course of action.

Head Over Heals the Musical wasn't what I expected but it was damn good.

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