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I publish open source tools for free. If you find my tools useful, please contribute to keeping them free: :-)

Connect to the network using the publicly accessible website of your choice, then unlock an entire separate network of sites linked to it. Could keep things somewhat small with deterministic machine IPs (credentialed access) and make it like a huge office network.

Or keep it more anonymous and just have a private Internet...

Still thinking about the idea of more ubiquitous VPNs ... I'm wondering if I could also pair the VPNs with an open DNS setup and IPPlan and run my own psuedo registrar.

Would still need public DNS to connect to the network, but could have an entire separate network with human-readable domain names under it.

This has probably already been done ...

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For those interested, here's the complete Docker Compose configuration for development usage.

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Just deployed a local WordPress installation using the official Docker images for PHP-FPM, nginx, WordPress (+ wp-cli), and MariaDB on Friday afternoon.

The only obstacle I encountered was a missing semicolon in nginx configuration file, otherwise this stuff just works.

Next up; actually develop the site I need to be working on. I always get carried away by infrastructure and backend setups when I have to do frontend stuff. 😬

I once read a proposal to bake VPN support into HTTP/2 as an extension. I kind of want to see that happen.

Oh , please save me from toxicity and dismay. You're my only hope...

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Just a reminder, if you are NOT at #CascadiaPHP18 I am officially not allowed to ask you to pre-rate my talk. Nothing you read from me on twitter should be construed as me begging for 5-thumbs up ratings from people not in attendance. :)

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Did you install EFF's brilliant Privacy Badger or any other smart HTTP Cookie management tool? Or did you simply pick the privacy preference in your browser that ignores all third-party cookies? Did many websites you visit annoy you with permission-to-use-cookies pop-ups because of European legislation?

Guess what, it's all been useless.

Step 1: Stain the fence.

Step 2: Take empty containers to hazmat disposal as instructed by the garbage collectors who refused to take them.

Step 3: Listen to the hazmat team tell you "it's just garbage, we don't take these."

Step 4: Finally realize why so many people illegally dump paint and stain containers in the woods...

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This company that sells clothing says it had to stop selling to EU because of GDPR. This image IS their site now, it says: "Blame your government (no, really)".

Really though? It's that hard to sell me clothes while respecting my privacy? You only have to blame yourself on this one 😂

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Another term for “encryption backdoor” is “no encryption”

Excited for the new version bump to . Will likely wait a bit to update, tho. It's an involved process and I want to carve out enough time to focus and solve any issues that crop up.

City of Portland is piloting e-scooters. I think they're pretty cool. I also think the experiment is destined to fail.

Helmets are required by law. Scooters are banned on the sidewalk.

Of the 24 scooters I've seen in the past 10 minutes:
- 0 riders have had helmets
- 18 of were going the wrong way down a 1-way street. On the sidewalk

Blatantly ignoring the rules of a pilot will be used as justification to write the experiment off as a failure and stop trying to improve transit. :-(

Spent part of the weekend purging a bunch of old GitHub repos. Turns out I have a lot of old, inactive projects. Those all got archived.

I also used to fork repos as a way of bookmarking cool things I wanted to follow up on later. Yeah ... those forks I just deleted.

Apologies to anyone who's stats I messed up by doing so.

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PSA: Due to a catastrophe, there's a chance that you're not following people from anymore, and they're not following you, either. We got rolled back a month or so.

So, check your friendos and buddaroos. Reacquaint yourselves. Play some Monopoly. Whatever.

(This is something that should probably be boosted.)

Any of the have experience cutting back on PUTs to S3 for their instance? Trying to prevent the system from running up my bill ...

Hey other admins!

Amazon is predicting somewhat high fees next month due to S3 PUT rates. Any thoughts on how to reign this in?

Labor Day BBQ, Part Deux: Grilled corn on the cob and pepper jack stuffed burger patties.

Protip: If you upgrade your server to Ubuntu 18.04, you'll likely need to tell Bundler to reinstall all native dependencies. Otherwise ... things just break.