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I publish open source tools for free. If you find my tools useful, please contribute to keeping them free: :-)

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I really hope that we can stop using phone numbers as universal identifiers soon. I don't want to have a number. I can be contacted via email (with GPG) and Telegram.

Time for the cryptopals hackathon at !!!

Just had a video chat with my 15mo-old daughter. Makes being away from home for conferences a bit easier.

Thanks to everyone who came to Evolution of PHP Security today at !

Please remember to rate:

Switched to white backgrounds for everything in advance of my talk.

So. Bright.

I miss Darcula already ...

The sign says "we proudly serve Starbucks coffee."

Yeah ... not something to be proud of.

Extra legroom is even more spacious when you're short like me. :-)

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One flight down, one to go. Almost to !!!

One flight down, one to go. Almost to !!!

Having spent over an hour disabling and re-enabling 2FA on everything because there is no other way to migrate keys from one phone to another ... yeah ... we've got a lot of work to do if we want "security" to be easy for less tech savvy users.

Every time I get a spam email from a deceased friend, I want to ignore the CFAA and take things into my own hands.

Mostly because there are zero alternative avenues for ending this reprehensible abuse.

Colleague just introduced me to

The world has come a long way since I had to pipe a CSV from Fortran into Excel to visualize datasets ...

I've used PHP, Python, JavaScript, and Go professionally for years. As much as I used to prefer the PHP/JS world, my tastes are starting to lean more to Python/Go...

The next step? Figure out how painful it would be to just replace MacOS with pop_OS ;-)

Discovered I can hide the menu bar on my Mac. And my Dock. At the same time.

Makes my Mac look more like my Linux machine. Much more comfortable.

I wanted to tour the Pentagon when I'm in DC on the 13th, but their tour site's been broken. It works now, but tours cannot be requested < 14 days in advance.


Super impressed by all the hands at that went up with "is this your first WordCamp?"

Welcome, everyone!!!

WiFi connection instructions: "Go to any site that doesn't use SSL to be redirected to the login page."

Yeah ... I ... don't use or even really know of any of those anymore.

Stop being hostile to security!

On Nov 12th I'm teaching a full-day security course on PHP. Deets here:

I want you there. I want to help your team. If you can be there, great! If you're struggling with the cost, send me a direct message. I might be able to help.

My goal is to help you achieve YOUR goals. What can I do to help with that?