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Given the sheer number of Amazon giveaways I've entered, added to the fact that neither I nor anyone I know has ever won, I'm convinced there aren't any prizes. Just a way to selectively profile customer interest...

(Anecdotal, sure. But still...)

YT offers an efficient way to subscribe to channels ... but not a way to block "I think this is trash" channels. Makes its "you might also like" engine less than useless.

Sadly, the majority of the content it recommends is absolute garbage. Mostly from men incensed that a woman is playing the Doctor.

I enjoy Doctor Who. It's awesome. I watch videos on YouTube all the time.

YT then learns from my behavior and makes recommendations. This is ... not a good thing.

My team introduced me to Spotify. Things will never be the same again ...

Also, I need better quality headphones...

... that moment when you get on Facebook for the first time after attending a friend's funeral, only to see news that another old friend has just passed away ...

Spent far too much time trying to configure one of these GUI-based "convert MOV to GIF" tools before I remembered ...

I have ffmpeg and gifsicle locally. Bash to the rescue!

Part of me things password managers should have an "unlock for next of kin" feature ...

Another part of me worries that would be abused by law enforcement ...

Not hard as in difficult. as in sobering.

My friend is gone. I'm faced with both that and the humbling realization of my own mortality and the number of ways others will be inconvenienced if I were to go unexpectedly as well. :-(

I'm spending time over the weekend next few weeks helping an organization recover access to accounts that only my friend had access to. His passing was hard enough. Having to access his email account to recover things is ... hard.

(Christmas decorating on its own is a bittersweet event for me that ultimately leads to burnout regardless the good intentions.)

My weekend consisted of:
- A missed networking event
- A friend's funeral
- Christmas decorating
- A super convicting sermon about spiritual stagnation and life's calling

And yet people consider it a mystery I didn't sleep well last night.

That O(n!) problem from last week? A few fun approximations have finally gotten it to O(n^2). Woot!

After rubber ducking this morning, I think I can chunk things and fan out across multiple cores. some additional refactoring gets it to O(n^2)

TMW you realize a note you're writing on social media will only make sense to half your audience. And 100% of your audience will think you're a nerd regardless ...

That moment when you think you've solved the problem of an O(n!) function through refactoring only to shoot awake in the middle of the night realizing you've only got it to O(n!/2).


Kind of wish I could be at this year. Alas, travel isn't cheap and I don't have too much to offer to enrich the event just now. There are far more interesting people who _will_ be there: meet them and have good convos.

When I've got something valuable to add, I'll see what I can do about making the trip ;-)

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The years have not been kind to the role models of my youth. What's more terrifying is that someone, some day, might say the same of me.

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