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First came Patreon ... then I added GitHub Sponsors. Neither has _really_ done that much for me.

Instead I set up my own donation page on my own site:

If you benefit from or enjoy my work, please consider a small monthly contribution.

What do you consider the largest unaddressed pain points in tech?

I've seen three competing definitions for Web 3.0:

- AI
- AR
- DeFi

I feel like we're in the early stages where there's a horse race between all three for dominance as "the next thing" in web/tech. What are the rest of y'all seeing?

Went to a farm today for fresh produce. While stopped at a light notice the minivan from the cross street was ignoring the green (he was on his phone). A red pickup came up behind him - it's a 45mph zone and he was full speed.

He turned at the last minute and creamed the drivers corner of the minivan. Spun him around into an SUV in the other lane. Then came straight at me.

Thankfully I was able to floor it (thru the red) and avoided a ~45mph t-bone.

A bit shaken, TBH. He missed me by a foot.

Every time I upgrade Mastodon I'm reminded of the one-click automatic updates in systems like WordPress and NextCloud and ... most other modern web apps.

I need to find time to help build such functionality for projects like Mastodon. It would make life so much easier ...

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I've lived here for 8 years and just discovered this in the closet... It's plugged in with exposed wires, so I'm nervous.

Any thoughts as to what it could be?

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Docker Origin Story

dude1: "curl <random webserver> | sudo bash..."

dude2: hey stop that's bad!

dude1: really bad?

dude2 yeah really bad don't do it!

dude1: well if it's bad we can just put it in jail and it will be OK right?

dudes: :blobthinkingcool:

I'm looking for examples folks might have of running a web server via PHP CLI. I've always used PHP-FPM or and Apache module, but both are explicitly incompatible with the Parallel extension for PHP.

That's cool, but I have a legit reason to spawn a thread and want to combat the stated problems of using multithreading in a webserver application.

So any examples of `php sever.php` spawning a full server app would be super welcome.

Not as fast as last year at this time. But feels good to be out again.

According to the toddler, cookies with coconut in them are "icky gross" so today we made strawberry vanilla cupcakes to replace them.

Filed taxes. Ugh.

So thankful for the social services this bill ultimately provides, tho.

Saturday morning is baking time with the toddler. Today: coconut madelines!

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Sometimes, when I get up in the middle of the night, there is an extra door in the hallway. It looks just like the other doors, but it's never there in the daytime.
Sometimes I stop, and put a hand on the doorknob. But I won't open it.
That's how I got here in the first place.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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"Now that I wear a sword," the student said, "I get challenged."
"And?" the sword master said.
"I have won fifteen bouts. I... I feel I must accept, lest they think they have won simply by asking."
"Demand your next challenger beat those fifteen first, to prove their worth."
#TypoCorrected #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Never will I ever understand what goes through someone's head when they're scheduled for a TWO HOUR panel interview and just don't show up because they've decided to take another opportunity.

Good on you for landing a role. But have some respect and cancel. Don't just ghost it.

My 3yr old discovered a discarded Nerf gun in a drawer yesterday.

I am scared.

It's also a remarkably simple kit. The "concentrated wort extract" is as close to "just add water" as you can get to home brewing.

If this goes well I might try a few more batches. But would love to (some day) do the whole thing from scratch, too.

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I got a Mr Beer kit for Christmas and started on my first batch today. In 2 weeks I'll know if I screwed it up or not.

I'm super excited and nervous all at once.

Tonight's dinner: mushroom zucchini chicken atop a bed of toasted quinoa.

I write PHP. I manage security for a living. I have a not-yet-fully-launched business.

My goal for 2021 is to pivot.

Taking inquiries now for security-focused PHP code audits. Ping me if you're interested.

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