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I publish open source tools for free. If you find my tools useful, please contribute to keeping them free: :-)

Years ago, I attended a presentation where the slide deck was presented via a terminal. And attendees could connect to it to follow along. Any idea what took provides features like that these days?

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Why do I worry about privacy and tracking? Because services like this exist and will get far more powerful in the months and years to come.

It's on days like today when I hit my step goal before my first cup of coffee that I know I'll be insanely productive...

I have no idea how this ended up in my YouTube feed ... but it's fascinating!

It's still September, right? Why are the Christmas ornaments already out?!?

Started my day by reading the news. That was a mistake.

On the other hand, I'm very awake now.

Have been in a funk since Friday. Anyone got a word of encouragement (or two) they can share?

Sites that make you verify your phone/email before letting you actually do anything are annoying. still waiting for either a text or email to go through ...

Literally all I'm trying to do is schedule a haircut :-(

That feeling when you get a parking ticket in the mail. From a city several hours away that you haven't been to in a decade. For a vehicle with your plate but a different VIN...

On the hottest day of the year, my team planned for a team building activity at an amusement park ~5 miles from the office. My sole means of transportation? Bike.

Weather + distance + overweight = can I nap now?

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I see it going a little bit like this:

- Britain: "NO DEAL!", we will keep the £39b settlement!

- EU: Sure, we'll just recoup it by taxing all your exports to the Union. Should take no more than a couple of years.

- Britain: Er...

- EU: It is... How do young people call it these days? Ah yes: "All your exports are belong to us".

- Britain: ...

- Scotland: FREEDOM!

(You read it here first) 😋

If you don't ask, the answer is always "no." But if you do ask, the occasional "yes" is an exciting surprise.

Every conference. I meet amazing people, learn about amazing ideas and projects, and feel inspired to accomplish so much.

This time, that inspiration coincided with yet another Namecheap prompt to renew domains I purchased 3 years ago for a post conference project I never finished.

When exactly did the post-conference funk devolve into paralyzing developer "I can't seem to ship" depression?!? It seems to happen every single event these days :-(

This is the first post I've made to my instance from another country. :-) I love technology!

That moment when you try to get one last image for a slide deck ... and instead get "Error Establishing Database Connection" :-(

Didn't realize going vegan was quite that transformative ...

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