GitHub out of sync

Slack not connecting

Office VPN out

The productivity game today is _hard_

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@ericmann I'm on a vacation today and waited for the kid to get to sleep before catching up on work. The outages made my day quite miserable, knowing how much stuff I need to sift through :\

@mpeshev @ericmann vacation? Doesn't that mean you shouldn't be catching up on stuff?

@curtismchale @ericmann that's what my Rescue Time looked like two weeks ago; while I try to keep numbers under 65h/week, it doesn't always work. Spending a couple hours/day on sorting some blockers makes more sense than blocking 5-8 people on a payroll or potentially losing business.

Far from ideal, but the alternative is hiring more and more "senior management" or other admin roles which still seems like an overhead to me.

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