Part of me things password managers should have an "unlock for next of kin" feature ...

Another part of me worries that would be abused by law enforcement ...

@ericmann At one point I was contemplating a Trust Service for lawyers to automate Shamir's Secret Sharing for things like master passwords sharing among the usual next of kin trustees like attorneys/banks/friends/wills for digital estate planning.

Thing that stopped that business model from progress, other than trying to explain digital estate planning to lawyers today was account TOS/EULA terms. Digital assets currently don't have survivorship rights. I think there needs to be a huge shakeup.

@max I can definitely see that, and this entire path quickly becomes an uncomfortable can of worms.

The context I started with was a friend who recently passed and all of the people who need to get into things like: his computer, his email, his domain registrations, his utility service accounts, etc.

It very rapidly became a massive problem and made me think ... what happens if/when I go? I've got >300 accounts stored in 1Password ...

@ericmann Absolutely. I think we are due for a legal reckoning on how digital accounts work. It does worry me sometimes that we aren't deeply thinking about it.

Many of my accounts are locked with 2FA. How do you pass that on to next of kin. Then there's fingerprint, facial rec, other biometrics.

Tech companies are barely keeping it together with account security / recovery issues as it is. Pretty much none of them are thinking about next of kin and inheritance issues.

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