PHP 5.6 is EOL

PHP 7.0 is EOL

Upgrade my minimum supported version to 7.1 and call it out in a plugin header. Users install update and sites break.

, Y U NO enforce your own plugin headers?!?!?!?!?

I know there was some talk about better support for minimum PHP versions ... anyone know if there's a Trac ticket for adding enforcement already? If so, I might take some time to help wire things up this week ...

@ericmann Ugh. I can only imagine the calls you're getting on that one.

@chriswiegman I just added some code to be more defensive and just disable my autoloader if the wrong version of PHP is there. Will (hopefully) avoid the WSOD issues ...

@andyfragen I'm glad they're ready. Disappointed it took so long. I did everything I could do to avoid my update breaking sites - update notice, plugin header flag - and _still_ people updated to a version that broke things 😠

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