I don’t discuss lots of coding or tech challenges because they don’t interest me. I’m interested in people and using tech to make our world a better place.

As a result, politics are a necessary part of the discussion.

I had contemplated leaving politics out of my feed and trying to stick purely to tech, but that feels disingenuous and also does not help accomplish my goal of trying to make the world a better place.

My political views have changed dramatically over the years, and they continue to change. Some call that flip-flopping and being wishy-washy. I call it growing as a human.

But what interests me most is the ethics of software development and how that plays into automation and AI. US unemployment rates are very low, but that’s because of the gig economy and low-paying jobs. All of these jobs will evaporate with AI and automation.

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@ramsey I've always loved sci-fi. The teleporters in Star Trek were a big deal for me. when I was 7 (or so), I announced I wanted to be an inventory so I could make one.

My dad, unironically, asked me not to.

He drove a delivery truck for a living. "If people could send whatever they want anywhere instantly, I'll be out of a job."

We've both grown a lot since then, but any convo about AI or automation dredges that memory back up fast.

@ericmann My wife’s parents are much the same. AI and automation will put them out of a job, and they don’t want to think about that future, but it’s coming.

Historically, I’ve been skeptical of a Universal Basic Income, but I think it will be a necessity in the not-to-distant future, and I’m willing to support it with my taxes. It could also help folks take risks to start companies they would otherwise not attempt.


@ramsey That's the number one argument I keep hearing (and making) that seems to inevitably fall on deaf ears. Starting anything is risky - the only ones who do so successfully have some sort of safety net to catch them if/when they fail.

It's a privilege afforded to few that I want to help avail to as many as possible.

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