In August, I said I'd replace Twitter with Mastodon in it's entirety. That's proven ... harder than I thought.

So today, I take the first step of removing Twitter from my phone.

If you're not on Mastodon yet, I encourage you to join. It's distributed, not controlled by a faceless corporation, and (thus far) significantly less toxic.

I'm still accepting applications for my instance, as well:

If you're not sold on the diaspora just yet, that's cool. Messages on Mastodon will still flow to Twitter, and I'll likely check in now and then to respond to replies and DMs.

As a final means of communication, I'm in the last stages of prepping a no-more-than-monthly newsletter to help keep in touch. If you're open to it, sign up today:

@ericmann I feel you. I still have both. I just follow those on Twitter who are not here.

@ricard_dev It's about the same for me. I just really need to get away from Twitter in general right now and it took me a bit longer than anticipated to finally do so.

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