I publish open source tools for free. If you find my tools useful, please contribute to keeping them free: patreon.com/user?u=16402577 :-)

@ericmann Why don't you use #LiberaPay? :)
I mean sure, Patreon is used by more people but screw Patreon honestly (huge fees n weird rules)

@finlaydag33k Honest answer? This is the first I've ever heard of it. Will do some homework...

@ericmann It's kinda like Patreon but without stuff like rewards.
For example, this is my LiberaPay profile: liberapay.com/finlaydag33k/

LiberaPay does not take any fees from your pledges (it actually relies on pledges itself)


@finlaydag33k Looks a bit like Gratipay used to. Might need to take some time this week to switch over.

@ericmann I think (though I am not sure), LiberaPay might be a "continuation" of Gratipay

@finlaydag33k @ericmann Liberapay was started as a fork of Gratipay and is now its official successor.

@Liberapay @finlaydag33k Good to know, thanks! I loved Gratipay back in the day and went to Patreon as a replacement. Will start working with Liberapay once I get some free time.

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