If you start a task, say yard work, and part way through you realize a tool is broken or inefficient... Stop.

Get the right tool and finish the job later.

If, instead of getting the right tool for a 15-minute job, you spend over two hours doing something manually, you lose any right to complain about the difficulty of the work. Five minutes to get the new tool saves you 2 hours of work. Your exhaustion and frustration is 100% your fault.

I have 0 sympathy for your stubbornness.

@ericmann I used to have that same mind set before bailing hay and having the machine break down in the field with rains approaching. :D

@jordan31 This was a case of "the weed sprayer broke 5 minutes in, so I spent over two hours pulling the weeds by hand instead."

Me: "Why not just get the other weed sprayer from the garage?"

@ericmann Oh, well in that case, yeah :D If you already have the tool close by. On the other hand, you remove the weeds and their roots, so that is always awesome in preventing them from coming back.

@jordan31 ... they didn't pull up the roots. Just twisted off the stem/leaves.

@ericmann Oh, well that defeats that purpose. I guess there isn't much of a silver lining this time :D

@ericmann @alexcleac yep! I’ve learned that when working on motorbikes over the years. Plus, if you’re using using the wrong tool, you’re more likely to break something.

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