After 6 months of "just give them a few more weeks to break in" from the mechanic, I got fed up and replaced my brakes myself. Good thing, too. Inner break pad on the passenger side was shattered.

Honestly, looks like he dropped them, broke them, and just hoped I wouldn't notice.

Of the 4 pads:
- Two had huge divots in the ceramic
- One was split and missing half the metal backplate
- One was pristine

The car had squealed since I got it back from the shop. He and 2 other, independent mechanics swore it was normal and would go away.

Just threw entirely new pads on myself. Silence.

I loathe a liar.

Related: The last people who put my front tires on were Les Schwab, after I blew out a tire hitting a pot hole. Apparently they used an impact wrench to tighten the lugnuts.

I had to jump up and down on my tire iron to get them to break free. So glad I did this in my garage and not, say, on the side of the highway changing a flat...

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