Every conference. I meet amazing people, learn about amazing ideas and projects, and feel inspired to accomplish so much.

This time, that inspiration coincided with yet another Namecheap prompt to renew domains I purchased 3 years ago for a post conference project I never finished.

When exactly did the post-conference funk devolve into paralyzing developer "I can't seem to ship" depression?!? It seems to happen every single event these days :-(

@ericmann Sorry, I'm starring for a similar feeling, not positive feelings. I'm sorry that you don't feel comfortable with your level of output, and I can sympathize. But from a third party perspective, you'll be alright 😊

@ericmann I think most of us have a huge pile of unfinished or never started projects. That doesn't make anything less of us, and value shouldn't be tied purely to output anyway.

@david s/value/sense of fulfillment/

My issue is that I'm disappointed in myself for not doing what I enjoy or want to be doing in the first place. And I'm not sure how to fix it :(

@ericmann I think I can relate to that as well, though maybe not; I don't mean to diminish your issues.

I've also had the issue of getting into the things that I think that I want, then not feeling enjoyment from them.

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