At work today. With a cold. Everyone keeps telling me to go home.

I feel guilty for being here. That said ...

I live with a toddler and a senior citizen, the latter of which has no health coverage and goes to free clinics to get medical care. I'd feel even more guilty if I stayed home. Particularly if either of them were to catch it.

Instead, sequestering myself in a conf room with hot tea and Lysol to wipe things down afterwards.

Puts the current coronavirus scare into perspective for me. The idea of isolating my family from social interaction in the vent it becomes a widespread pandemic is hard.

Could I do it? Probably.

But I also realize I'm in a privileged situation where I have money and am a manager with a super lenient schedule and WFH policy. I could stay home indefinitely if necessary.

Few others can say that.

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