I remember the first (only?) time I saw Battlefield Earth (I like sci fi, ok!?) and one line from John Travolta really bothered me.was about how Earth "with all its advanced technology" only lasted 9 minutes in an invasion.

Considering our solution to a viral outbreak, despite all our "advanced technology," is to merely limit contact and keep our distance ... I'm depressed and re-evaluating whether or not we're rally that advanced.

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Right now? No, not anymore. Forget Mars colonies. Landing on the moon again? I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

Technological advancements will soon be replaced by maintaining existing tech until we are unable to understand what we are maintaining and why.

We are in the stage of declining intelligence right now and - like Rome and other realms - our societies will crumble over the course of the next decades.

After that there will be some dark age and after that the cycle starts anew.

It has happened before, it is happening right now and it will happen in the future.



@Jotyn Not sure if that was meant as a pick-me up or not ... but yeah, I totally see it.

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