Also, I'm debating an extended break from over December, but things are much quieter over here. Who should I be following to stay in-the-know with all things tech and security?

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@ericmann Depends on who/what you follow in the bird site. For most news outlets and publications (Think Hacker News or Vice) there are bots that mirror the content to Mastodon. If you follow specific people then you will need to find either the same or new people here.

@blit32 I've already found many of the same users who are in both communities. It's finding new folks that's difficult :-/

@ericmann @blit32 While I can't, off the top of my head, think of specific names at the moment, if you check out my "following" list there are some great accounts in there.

@chris @blit32 I might have just stolen a few suggestions from your list ;-)

@ericmann If the instance you joined is targeted towards your interests you can usually brows the Local timeline and find interesting accounts. That was my starting point and then from those seed account you just find more and more accounts to follow.

@blit32 I run the instance ;-) So it's very targeted towards my interests, but consists of just a handful of folks I know.

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