Anyone know of the best/most efficient way to auto-post new blog entries from to the fediverse? Jetpack doesn't have an integration and the one PR to add it is over a year stale ...

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@ericmann I've been debating making a plugin for it myself. Curious to see what else you find.

@chris I've seen a couple I want to try. When I pinged the Jetpack folks on they pointed me to the all-but-abandoned PR and said I could pitch in there.

Which, yeah. Not motivated to do that.

@ericmann i'd love examples of existing wordpress projects that auto-post entries, to other systems, if you all happen to have any recommendations for such.

i did some very quick digging through some of the awesome-wordpress repos out there but nothing jumped out.

this seems like it could be fun & easy!

@jauntywunderkind420 I don't have many examples. I'm lazy and use Jetpack to auto-post to . I pulled the Facebook integration because, well, I never use the site and my profile being just a string of "hey, I wrote a thing" was a bit weird.

@ericmann @jauntywunderkind420 yeah, so I was supposed to work on this for Jetpack, and started. Unfortunately, I found out pretty quickly that the way Jetpack does it uses the platform and non-open code. I was basically blocked without someone from the development team to work with me and also make code changes there.

@timnolte That's about where I thought it had landed. Didn't seem like you to just abandon something unless there was a significant blocker on the side. And I'm not really interested in engaging with that PR if it's blocked by disinterest from that angle as well.

@ericmann I too have been struggling to find a solid way to feed Mastodon from my WordPress site. I tried setting up my site as part of the fediverse where you could actually follow my site directly via Mastodon. It started to work then didn't. And it seems to be a major problem of you use Let's Encrypt SSL certificates.

I'd be very interested to hear about any good solutions you find.

@timnolte I'll definitely report back. Mostly I'm just lazy and want to blast about new entries on a schedule. Whole reason I used scheduled tweets and everything.

@ericmann yeah, I've tried to take a POSE approach using my blog as the source, unfortunately the social networks and tooling keeps breaking down and making that more impossible. I can no longer schedule posts from my blog to Instagram or Facebook (though I left Facebook behind at the started of the pandemic so this isn't really a concern now). And posting to Mastodon has been broken for some time.

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