TFW you're running hashcat on rented AWS hardware only to suddenly remember you have an overpowered GPU sitting unused in a machine learning laptop on the other desk in the office.

My Oryx Pro puts the AWS rigs to shame.

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@ericmann so my work just ordered me an Oryx Pro, is yours your daily driver? If it was at one point what were your must have/recommended accessories? I'm wondering about a dock for mine. Been using a USB-C dock to drive everything but not sure that it's going to work with the Oryx. I'm going to be missing the PD USB-C charging.

@timnolte It was my primary on-the-road machine because I could do a lot locally with the GPU that I'd otherwise do in the cloud. Biggest thing I recommend for an investment is an external mouse (cordless or otherwise) as it was a HUGE productivity boost for me.

@timnolte Given I'm at home all the time, tho, I mostly use my Thelio as I'm at my desk and my Lemur as the portable "working remote" from the couch in the other room situation. Haven't used my Oryx much since the world kind of stopped last March.

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