Early into the stay-home orders, we realized we didn't really need 2 cars. Because we expected things to open up, we suspended coverage on my wife's Toyota. Great, premiums go down!

Now we've sold the car. Reached out to my agent to remove it entirely. Great! Premiums went up.

Wait, WENT UP?!?! wtaf?

(Removing a vehicle with suspended coverage apparently INCREASED my premium ...)

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@ericmann We didn't remove coverage from my car, but we did remove comprehensive and changed the type of driving to "pleasure/leisure" from "commuting," which significantly lowered premiums. In fact, I was looking the other day, and Progressive recommends if you work from home to change your vehicle designation to "pleasure/leisure."

@ericmann This is a 22-year-old Honda Civic, of which we are the original owners, and my son, who just turned 15, will drive it. 🙂

@ramsey Yeah, this was a 32yo Corolla. Great car, but it didn't move for over a year and we were getting tired of needing to jump it to keep things functional. Made a deal with a friend who will take good care of it 🙂

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