Honest question - if you see "web developer" on a resume, what kinds of things come to mind?

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@ericmann Kind of depends on the rest of the resume...
If there is no link to a git profile (be it GitLab or GitHub or whatever) and/or there is no mention of projects anywhere, I'm just skipping you.

If I can't see what you've made or how you work, you are not worth my time.
I don't care about your highschool diplomas, cus (at least over here), those generally means as much as having no diploma.

@ericmann Node.js and React.js come to mind. I don't expect more from the web world which is why I avoid jobs like this.

I think it's a broader problem and also applies to back-end developers who have no knowledge of CS, compiled languages, or scripting languages and OS (Bash vs. PowerShell, Linux vs. Windows).

I partially blame the bootcamps that are sprouting all over the place nowadays and persuade people who have no passion for computing that they will become billionaires in two weeks.

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