I originally went to school to be a teacher. Changed gears party way because I wanted to do scientific research. Got in a public fight with a professor that nuked my grades and kept me out of grad school. A postbac in politics later had me focused on international affairs. Followed it with an international MBA focused on marketing.

I know write software, manage devs, and focus on cybersecurity.

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On a good day, I'm focused on pushing forward on tech roadmaps. On average, I question how I made it so far in my career.

At worse I suffer from crippling imposter syndrome as I interview folks with PhDs in computer science who, for reasons that escape me, know my work and consider me an expert.

As for the last one, I'm not being hyperbolic. Doubting my own skills induces a paralyzing amount of anxiety. Not just interviewing but MANAGING folks with PhDs makes it even worse ...

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