Lately, I've been coping with a crippling amount of both imposter syndrome and burn out. It's hard to muster any sort of excitement or energy to do, well, anything. A voice tells me I'm not good enough and making an attempt will fail and out me as a fraud.

This is utterly exhausting and in no way healthy.

How do y'all fight that kind of mental slump off?

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any over-privileged numpty can get a paper qualification.

give me determination and experience over degrees every time.

so tired of picking up the pieces after overconfident assholes straight out of college "fix" a problem.

experience knows that things go wrong that aren't in the call-centre script.

experience knows that a lot of the time you'll never work out what went wrong and most of the time *only* experience will produce a workaround.

don't be so hard on yourself.

@ericmann I can't offer any words of wisdom here, I'm just here to tell that you are not alone, in both senses of the meaning.

Only word of advice I have is to keep in touch regularly with people that care about you (hopefully if they don't have a stake in your impostor syndrome, a.k.a. family and non-tech friends) and be as open as you are comfortable about it with them.

@ericmann I've played the "let's isolated" version of this game in the past and man, it is not fun at all. This time I'm going the other route, and it hasn't been as bumpy as before, but I'm yet to tell if it's because I'm being open or because I'm experienced -.-

@ericmann All in all, I hope you get better! Feel free to DM me if you want to open up about it.

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