Should I build a plugin to generate post images leveraging an AI tool like Dall-E or Stable Diffusion?

It would likely need to paid (eventually) but could be a fun project nonetheless.

(Relatedly - how much would you pay for such a tool?)

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@ericmann If you have the spare time? sure.
Otherwise, not worth it imo.

@finlaydag33k Time to do it? Yes. I can find that, mostly because I find the project intriguing.

But the $$ to host an API around a model isn't quite there. Some quick checks show I'd be looking at $0.50-$1/hour to make it available and that is _not_ worth it at all.

If folks were using it? Perhaps. If someone were pitching in to help cover infra costs? Definitely. Am I going to personally shell out $20+/day just for an experiment? Nope.

@ericmann Couldn't it be made to be self-hostable as well, without the use of cloud stuff that is?
If that's the case, you can just host the repo, give instructions on how to get setup and have people pay the fees (either their own cloudbox or on-premise electricity) themselves?

Sure, it might be more difficult but it saves you money while still allowing the project to exist.

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