Verifying my Mastodon account via Keybase beats "Verified on Twitter" nonsense any day of the week.

So those junk subscriptions I got through the breach? I figured out where they came from. At some point, must have scraped WordPress Trac!

This was a comment I left ... 8 years ago.

My daughter was playing in the drawers of our home office and found this. Brings back memories...

Spending the day at one of my favorite places on Earth...

Who installed a new thermostat today and _didn't_ electrocute himself? This guy.

Extra legroom is even more spacious when you're short like me. :-)

Labor Day BBQ, Part Deux: Grilled corn on the cob and pepper jack stuffed burger patties.

Prepping for a Labor Day BBQ: Step the first => Homemade brioche hamburger buns.

Not often I get to just sit and enjoy my yard. But I'm really happy I finished the new deck :-)


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