Didn't realize going vegan was quite that transformative ...

Also made some individual chicken pot pies for my wife's lunches this week. I guess you could say I had a productive weekend.

Went berry picking yesterday. Made a pie for my wife and daughter today :-)

Went berry picking yesterday. Made a pie for my wife and daughter today :-)

With every passing day, I continue to question the value if my Google-curated news feed...

I have serious problems with services like Amazon keeping track of and blocking access from browsers using VPNs. There are reasons people use VPNs. They're a good thing. Amazon (and others) actively discouraging the practice is a bad precedent for us all.

A battle over checks and balacnes. I wonder how it will edn!

We we're out of bread this morning, so I couldn't make the family my traditional weekend French toast. Instead whipped up some blackberry scones.

Oh man, I miss cooking. This was fun!

Verifying my Mastodon account via Keybase beats "Verified on Twitter" nonsense any day of the week.

So those junk subscriptions I got through the verifications.io breach? I figured out where they came from. At some point, verifications.io must have scraped WordPress Trac!

This was a comment I left ... 8 years ago.

My daughter was playing in the drawers of our home office and found this. Brings back memories...

Spending the day at one of my favorite places on Earth...

Who installed a new thermostat today and _didn't_ electrocute himself? This guy.

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