I spent some time last night thinking about the file structure of projects in a world where insights like theverge.com/22684730/students exist.

It made me wonder, what would things look like if we did away with nested directories? Is there another means of organizing code that would be both efficient from a computational standpoint and intuitive to humans?

So I did a thing. I volunteered to be a release manager for 8.2. Here's hoping elections go in my favor :-)

Regardless, I'm still writing a book on PHP for O'Reilly and will be paying close attention to this release so I can accurately cover it.


Probably time I wrote an actual piece ...

I'm a software engineer heavily focused on and infosec. I frequently work with software and have been known to release my own tools as well. I write everything from to , but have a soft spot in my heart for . I've even written books on the topic - most recently on the intersection of PHP and .

I also support hobbies in , , and . I love to hike with my kids :-)

Today's challenge: refactoring a legacy app written in procedural that has no test suite.

Objective: object orientation and at least 50% code coverage.

Please: send Skittles...

I'm working on documenting some design patterns. One fun pattern is "value object." In a past life, we used a custom approach with value objects to protect personally identifiable information (PII) in an application.

Functions can act on the objects and pass them around, but the data inside is protected in most contexts. Would this be an interesting read for y'all?

Next month's Security Corner is all queued up. Taking requests for further topics. If you write and care about , what do you want to learn most?


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