Probably time I wrote an actual piece ...

I'm a software engineer heavily focused on and infosec. I frequently work with software and have been known to release my own tools as well. I write everything from to , but have a soft spot in my heart for . I've even written books on the topic - most recently on the intersection of PHP and .

I also support hobbies in , , and . I love to hike with my kids :-)

"How to factor 2048 bit RSA integers in 8 hours" ... in 2019 ...

We need stronger .

I'm doing a -related hackathon at . Would love to give away a few prizes.

Want to help? DM me suggestions.

Want to contribute? Leave a note. Will use 100% of funds for prizes.

Next month's Security Corner is all queued up. Taking requests for further topics. If you write and care about , what do you want to learn most?


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