@chris Those were the only situations where I used a GUI. Thankfully I'm now in far more control of project lifecycles as to prevent that kind of mess.

I've been a lead engineer, head of engineering, or director of engineering for the past 6 years. Just had someone review my LinkedIn profile and, out of the blue, hit me up with "we like your profile, but you're not quite experienced enough for this role" for an engineering role requiring ... wait for it ... 1-2 years experience in leadership.

What's more ironic? I didn't even apply. But I'm still scratching my head wondering if maybe they forgot there was a hyphen in that description.

@chris Git has a GUI?

I jest ... I'll occasionally use `gitk` on my Mac to figure out WTF some folks are doing with branching and merging. But it's been a long time since I've installed any other GUIs for VCS anywhere.

Which GUI did you finally jettison?

@chris I could see making FOSS tools and still selling them. The thing is, you only make money if self-service is burdensome enough to force folks to pay. Which defeats the purpose...

Had to go pick stuff up from a distant relative yesterday. I was wearing a mask. They weren't. "Well, sure, you want to be safe. Ok. But it's all a government conspiracy so I won't do that."

I got back in the car and left. They were mad I wouldn't come inside to eat with them.

Ugh. Just ugh.

@chris It's the "it isn't easy" part that's so frustrating. I haven't the time. Others haven't the skills. I'd love to work with folks lowering the bar so it would be easier but have no idea how to monetize that such that it's sustainable...

Upgraded my Mastodon server tonight. Then also my webserver. Then spent a few minutes reflecting on how, 10 years ago, I wouldn't have known how to do either ...

Set up NextDNS on a family members computer. Ads and scareware dropped to almost 0 immediately.

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Really with the mastodon universe were a bit larger so I could fully sever the Twitter account. Too few people here, too high of latency for important events and information :-(

I also took the time to get a formal certificate as a "data science professional" so I'd feel like less of an imposter since people are looking to me to somewhat lead the charge in my former team's absence. Was a fun course, but again, would rather have folks back than try to wear their hats.

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I'm stoked to get to do what I do, but wish I had more folks to do it with :-(

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A little over a month ago, the overwhelming majority of my team was laid off due to our company (in the vacation and hospitality industry) being all but shut down due to the ongoing pandemic.

Since then I've been forced to dust off my coding skills and even learn a few new tricks. Currently holding down the fort for:
- 3 different flavors of "serverless" applications
- An autoscaling Kubernetes cluster
- Several machine learning applications in need of ongoing tuning

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@chris I helped a family member on their machine the other day and it didn't have dark mode. I guess I went all in when I first had the option ... "regular" mode is too jarring for me now to accomplish anything of value.

@chris Just wanted to point out that was the CEO, not a random support tech. ;-)

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(From twitter.com): Disney claims anyone using a Twitter hashtag is agreeing to their terms of use twitter.com/disneyplus/status/

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