@defries @curtismchale @chriswiegman Managed hosting makes it easier, sure. Self-hosting isn't _too_ bad, though. If you have access to a hosted Docker orchestrator it's even easier because of the focus on containerization.

I chose a full domain for this instance just because I wanted one. A subdomain on wprealm would definitely be a solid approach.


@defries @curtismchale @chriswiegman instance hosting is fun. More than happy to help set something up.

This is a weird level of burnout I've never experienced and with which I'm not prepared to cope.

Any advice?

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The freelancing is hard more because of work. Ever since shifting f/t to management I get maybe an hour a week to hack on code. But I'm still at a computer all day.

Coming home to hack on code just doesn't appeal to me. I end up spending 2 hours or so binging YouTube instead and never even open my IDE. :-(

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Speaking at conferences and freelancing on the side have both been huge parts of my life for the past decade. Now, though, I'm finding it harder to find joy in either.

The travel wears on me and, because I don't go as much as I used to (3-4 confs a year as opposed to 10-12) I'm less connected to my friends in the community. Makes and event more exhausting than refreshing and takes me away from my daughter.

Puts the current coronavirus scare into perspective for me. The idea of isolating my family from social interaction in the vent it becomes a widespread pandemic is hard.

Could I do it? Probably.

But I also realize I'm in a privileged situation where I have money and am a manager with a super lenient schedule and WFH policy. I could stay home indefinitely if necessary.

Few others can say that.

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At work today. With a cold. Everyone keeps telling me to go home.

I feel guilty for being here. That said ...

I live with a toddler and a senior citizen, the latter of which has no health coverage and goes to free clinics to get medical care. I'd feel even more guilty if I stayed home. Particularly if either of them were to catch it.

Instead, sequestering myself in a conf room with hot tea and Lysol to wipe things down afterwards.

The first time I heard the term "digital experience platform" it was from an industry exec mocking a competitor's focus on being classified as such. They're argument: "it's such a phoney classification. It doesn't exist. Such a waste of time and resources."

Fast forward two years. Same executive is now speaking at events about building "digital experience platforms" and is a recognized thought leader in the space.

Life comes at you fast?

@chriswiegman @curtismchale I've seen a few others ... but considering I habitually refuse push notifications from web apps, I'm not convinced on the product value.

Never considered myself a 10x engineer at the time. Only in hindsight. As much as I hate that label, it's and accurate classifier of some engineers.

I keep searching them out and, when I find them, I will protect them with every fiber of my being.

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Wrote some code. It took me 90 mins to get things functional. Which is frustrating, because three-years-ago-me would've written the same code in less than an hour.

I fully understand there are some who would spend days on the problem and not get it. I'm not discounting how hard the work is. Just frustrated that my shift into management has resulted in my "code muscle" losing some of its tone.

@chriswiegman I just wish the Mac version was done ... I really wish I could use Linux at work 😠

@chriswiegman I just discovered github.com/subhra74/snowflake/ today. Looks somewhat promising. Will give it a try myself later, but figured I'd point you towards it too.

@chriswiegman I'll come visit in a little over a week. That work?

Better run today on an elliptical. Still getting back to my pace. A little improvement each day helps.

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