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Imposter imposter syndrome syndrome: The fear that your peers will discover you don't really have imposter syndrome.

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A common statistic I quote to folks asking about starting in cybersecurity is their life expectancy in the role. #php

ALL of this keeps my cell private but lets me give out a # on biz cards to sales folks.

I'm confident I could build this with Twilio. Or RingCentral. Question is - which platform will be best and fastest?

More importantly: has this already been done and I just don't know?

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Here's what I want to build.

When anyone calls my #, a bot takes a message. Asks for name, reason of call, and callback #. Maybe email address.

Thanks for calling, then sends me the data (+recording) via email.

If anyone else texts the #, it's forwarded to me via email.

I can respond to the email and that message is sent to the original sender.

When I call my own # it'll ask me for a # to call. Then connect me conference style. Person I'm calling sees virtual # only, not my cell.

@kassner Wasn't pointing to a trend. Reflecting on a specific individual whose exit triggered a restructuring and caused a close friend to lose (due to being rescinded) a job offer.

"I got a new role and I don't feel comfortable sharing where" is acceptable. "I'm just burnt out and want to be a stay-at-home parent because I'm losing touch with my kids" was a blatant lie and tarnished the formerly positive relationship we had.

@finlaydag33k Time to do it? Yes. I can find that, mostly because I find the project intriguing.

But the $$ to host an API around a model isn't quite there. Some quick checks show I'd be looking at $0.50-$1/hour to make it available and that is _not_ worth it at all.

If folks were using it? Perhaps. If someone were pitching in to help cover infra costs? Definitely. Am I going to personally shell out $20+/day just for an experiment? Nope.

Should I build a plugin to generate post images leveraging an AI tool like Dall-E or Stable Diffusion?

It would likely need to paid (eventually) but could be a fun project nonetheless.

(Relatedly - how much would you pay for such a tool?)

People leave jobs. I get that. If you're leaving for money or hours or title or culture, that's acceptable. There are a million reasons to leave a job, and you have every reason to make the best move for you and your family.

But if you tell me you're taking the year off to reconnect with your kids and recover from burnout, then post a new gig just a couple of weeks later ...

While I respect your decision to leave, I have zero respect for the lies. Especially when you used your kids...

I spent some time last night thinking about the file structure of projects in a world where insights like exist.

It made me wonder, what would things look like if we did away with nested directories? Is there another means of organizing code that would be both efficient from a computational standpoint and intuitive to humans?

Lately, I've been coping with a crippling amount of both imposter syndrome and burn out. It's hard to muster any sort of excitement or energy to do, well, anything. A voice tells me I'm not good enough and making an attempt will fail and out me as a fraud.

This is utterly exhausting and in no way healthy.

How do y'all fight that kind of mental slump off?

On a good day, I'm focused on pushing forward on tech roadmaps. On average, I question how I made it so far in my career.

At worse I suffer from crippling imposter syndrome as I interview folks with PhDs in computer science who, for reasons that escape me, know my work and consider me an expert.

As for the last one, I'm not being hyperbolic. Doubting my own skills induces a paralyzing amount of anxiety. Not just interviewing but MANAGING folks with PhDs makes it even worse ...

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I originally went to school to be a teacher. Changed gears party way because I wanted to do scientific research. Got in a public fight with a professor that nuked my grades and kept me out of grad school. A postbac in politics later had me focused on international affairs. Followed it with an international MBA focused on marketing.

I know write software, manage devs, and focus on cybersecurity.

Honest question - if you see "web developer" on a resume, what kinds of things come to mind?

Gentle reminder that I built to allow for fully encrypted message sharing between parties. While I host the (encrypted) data, I don't know who you are and have no way to see what you're saying to one another.

Even if I wanted (or am legally compelled) to.

Had a weird dream yesterday where i somehow stumbled upon a way to use a quantum algorithm to strengthen RSA and was awarded an honorary doctorate for the research.

Woke up mumbling about lambdas and imaginary partially non-deterministic numbers and i can't tell if I'm insane or if my subconscious might've been onto something...

@datawench I'm baffled whenever that sentiment comes up. Particularly in professional contexts. It's almost always voiced by someone who either doesn't actually know PHP, or uses it daily but doesn't know it well enough to be comfortable.

It often feels like someone throwing shade to hide their own inadequacies as an engineer.

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Woke up my computer and saw this pop up immediately. Thought you deserved a chuckle as well ...

After months of cooking with both ...

Impossible Burger looks and cooks more like beef.

Beyond Burger just tastes better.

I know it's not real meat and, frankly, I don't care. It's delicious and lower in fat (and cholesterol) so it wins hands down.

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