Better run today on an elliptical. Still getting back to my pace. A little improvement each day helps.

@poperigby Pay talented people a fair price for their work. Respect that employees have families and need time away. If you give someone a "lead" title or expect them to manage something/someone actually grant them the authority to lead/manage.

Just a few examples this morning. Had a hundred others last night when I wrote the first toot.

The more I read and study, and the more experience I gain working with various communities, the more I realize I harbor several ideals that aren't shared by others in my position.

It's eye opening and frustrating at the same time.

Common sense isn't common, y'all.

Things that feel like obvious, empathetic, I-care-for-those-around-me are seen as alien standards to which others struggle to relate.

Thanks, everyone, for the feedback thus far! If you want to learn more about what I'm doing and why I wanted to know, feel free to sign up at Details to follow later this month ;-)

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How do you primarily read email? HTML? With it without images? Plaintext only? Asking for research on a new project.

How do you primarily read email? HTML? With it without images? Plaintext only? Asking for research on a new project.

Looking for a way to catalog resolutions for the new year that helps folks hold me accountable without also oversharing my goals (or really the reasons behind them).

Any ideas?

I find it both cool and a bit weird that I have Lumens attached to my Keybase account. The idea of cryptocurrency is great, but I don't _really_ have a need at the moment ...

My furnace is on its last legs. Every now and then the thermostat turns it on (or thinks it does) and sits there expecting the house to warm up, only for us to come home to everything below 40 degrees.

It's not the best situation. Especially with a little one in the house.

Finally bought a Nest. I can program a lambda to check it every minute or so and restart the furnace if it fails to kick on. Win-win for my geeky self.

Except the Google setup for Nest? Sucks. Majorly. Worst onboarding ever

@nolan As a writer, this hits home quite a bit. In the past I worked hard to publish as frequently as possible just to combat this phenomenon. Now ... I don't have the energy or patience.

Would rather produce solid, long-lived pieces like and hope the Internet shifts back (someday?) to valuing older content.

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Support from @system76 has never ceased to come though for me. I can't say this about many companies at all.

Last month I got to visit the team behind System76 and the new Thelio line of desktops. It was a blast. Y'all should read up on the experience:

Then go see if they have a rig to suit your needs ;-)

@chris I stopped crossposting. Things still going ok for you?


@chris I'm debating the merits of a quick, easy prototype and trying to figure out how much of a corner it paints me into.

Debating whether I should spin up a server (or 4) for this project, or go serverless with AWS...

What kind of work are you and your team doing with programming? Tell me a story - the good, the bad, the horrifying - and I'll try to work it into some upcoming conference talks.

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