@curtismchale The site looks interesting. Will be curious to hear your thoughts on it.

@kensanata Same. I'll use multiple windows in tmux, but otherwise everything is full screen.

Finally sorted out my build cache issued. Full CI/CD pipleine is now ~20mins (vs 1h 20mins).

It's only this slow because it needs to also move/sync 4GB of static assets across servers. Majority of the lag is network ...

@curtismchale I just shipped a project consisting of ~4GB of Docker containers. WordPress needs to up its game ;-)

Leveraging `split` and `cat` to bypass the annoying "this file is too large" error on GitHub makes me feel super 1337.

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Playing with Piwigo as a Google Photos replacement this morning. It's... ok, but I feel like it's going to be too hard to manage. Does anyone have a better recommendation? I really just want to be able to control my photo storage and be able to access from anywhere and share only with my wife.

cc @switchingsocial

I'm a workaholic for a simple reason: every time I stop to look at the world around me, I'm disgusted. Children in cages. Prosecuting people for providing water to the dying. Rampant racism and sexism in my city.

Or the guy who left his 4 yr old in a car alone at the mall so he could buy a phone at T-Mobile. When date night becomes "let's find security" night, you live in a sick and depraved world.

I'm a workaholic because the alternative is soul crushing & killing me.

Four hours into this meeting, and my Mac is dead. I remember when these batteries used to last all day. I'm not even running Chrome or Slack ...

Current status: melting.

I live in the Pacific Northwest explicitly to avoid 90+ degree days... :-(

@chris Privacy is only complex because of those mega brands. They came to power by leveraging our lack of privacy for their financial benefit.

Current status: Watching my computer attempt to levitate as it attempts multiple parallel Docker builds.

Currently utilizing 595% of the CPU :-(

Never will I ever get used to seeing armed guards in flak jackets at the grocery store...

Apple magic keyboards should have the same touchbar and fingerprint reader as built into the Mac itself ...

Someone invited me out for lunch the other day. At the new "food hall" downtown.

Me: You mean the food court at the mall?
Them: No, it's a food hall now.
Me: ...
Them: OK, ok, yeah. It's still a food court, just more expensive and takes longer to get your meal.
Me: How's that gentrification working out for you?
Them: OK, fine. We'll go to the food carts instead.

Reminded today the food carts are being evicted June 30th. To build a 35-story condo/hotel. With ... a food hall.

I wonder how hard it would be to build an open source Widevine decryption driver. And if anyone's tried yet...

@curtismchale That definitely makes sense. For remote work I prefer it to screen because of the windowing. Still trying to keep track of keyboard shortcuts tho ;-) Lots to learn for a guy who originally learned mouse-centric GUIs...

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Ghostwriter is a lovely little distraction-free writing tool for Linux.


(Available on GNOME Software and the Pop!_OS store and probably elsewhere also.)

@curtismchale Biggest complaint I have with it is mouse integration for copy paste when text breaks lines. I can never remember the keybindings for selections ... and it really slows me down. I always end up back in iTerm on Mac or just multiple terminals on Linux.

Then you mention it and I realize I'm just lazy and making excuses...

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