Was gonna migrate a server tonight. Watched the finale of Star Trek instead. I'm happy with this choice.

@aral @chriswiegman I think the volume control update is part of the base Ubuntu 19.04 changes ... not entirely sure if that made it to pop_OS as well, but I want it nonetheless ...

@chriswiegman I'm ... terrified of anyone who _doesn't_ disagree with the premise here. There's so much WTF in that entire thing ...

@chriswiegman @aral I read a note encouraging me to _not_ upgrade to 18.10 ... so I didn't. But I'm curious about 19.04. Especially with the enhanced volume controls. Would it be worth updating? Or should I sit tight and wait for 20.04LTS?

Saw Shazam! with some great friends tonight. Thoroughly enjoyed the film. Far more than I expected. The company helped ;-)

Verifying my Mastodon account via Keybase beats "Verified on Twitter" nonsense any day of the week.

I keep debating buying a Remarkable. The tech is cool, but if I'm honest, I question if I'd get enough use out of it to justify the sticker price. Plenty of other (more important?) things are also demanding my money :-(

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I would be interesteed in your thoughts on something:

Why is unionizing in IT so difficult? What can we do to facilitate it?


@andybalaam Go to your profile and click on "Add more identities [new]" in the desktop GUI. In the web interface, it's on your profile as "prove more identities."

Both pop up with a search box where you can search for your Mastodon instance and set up the link.

The biggest problem with the new Keybase/Mastodon integration? That it requires a human on the KB side to whitelist things. No automation. Makes it unscalable for smaller instances to participate. :-(

Thanks, random guy opining on a 6-year old post that I'm a moron for having written an article, for reminding me I forgot to auto-disable comments on articles older than 2 weeks ...

@phessler Perhaps this could be resolved by an "enable Keybase integration" checkbox in the Mastodon admin?

Users still have to confirm themselves ... not sure why giving your users the power of self-identification is a bad thing.

The auto-add-to-teams thing is a separate issue entirely, and in general I agree with you.

^ This is three separate issues here, and you've elected to just block things outright as a result. I feel bad for your users ...

@chriswiegman Trying to replace Google Photos for both me and my wife with this setup. We take a lot of baby pics :-)

@chriswiegman I didn't want to host a massive EBS on AWS, which is why I went with the Pi. Just happened to have a couple of large drives lying around.

That said, current setup is a Pi 2. I have a Pi 3 ready to go with 2 512GB flash cards. Will be quite a bit faster with the new setup. Assuming I can find time ...

@chriswiegman I also have OwnCloud running on a Pi at home. Syncs media with a 2TB drive on my desk. ;-)

@chriswiegman When I set up Mailinabox, I was excited it also set up NextCloud. My phone syncs mail + contacts + calendar with a self-hosted server ;-)

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The Notre Dame restoration effort having reached 500 million in funds while historically Black churches in L.A. burned down by white supremacists is struggling to break a single million is the perfect commentary on equality and basic decency and respect.

The world isn't broken. People are purposefully keeping it that way.

@chriswiegman I continue to use a handful of Google services specifically to maintain a footprint in that world. Same reason I use a credit card for billing. If you completely disconnect, you stick out and earn more attention than otherwise.

Said another way: everyone notices the one guy who doesn't have an iPhone/Android/smartphone because it's uncommon and makes him stick out.

@curtismchale Is "clearing customs" code for "Bob just wanted to take it home to update his iOS app first"?

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