This is the first post I've made to my instance from another country. :-) I love technology!

That moment when you try to get one last image for a slide deck ... and instead get "Error Establishing Database Connection" :-(

Didn't realize going vegan was quite that transformative ...

@boogah Easy. Just send the cash to instead... Will be out to good use ;-)

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"It’s highly possible that this learning difference by age is not due to some magic change in brain plasticity, but simply that adults don’t have as much time to be exposed as children and often hit a point where it stops being helpful to improve after a while. "

@chris I've said it before ... Just move out here. Things will be better for everyone that way.

In a weird twist of fate, YouTube has started filling my "watch next" feed with clips from The Newsroom. Why oh why don't we have a real Will McAvoy?

I dunno. Ultimately I use the software and it helped build my career. But let's not lose sight of the fact that we're still talking about a tool here ...

Heard a rumor there's some stuff going on in the community. As a frequent user I'm concerned, mostly about the communication and the public flaming going on ... less so about the actual content of those comms.

"It's like chaos monkey, but on steroids!" <- this is the most terrifying mental image I've had all day ...

Updated to 2.9.2 tonight. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this "host my own software" thing.

Mowed over a sprinkler this afternoon. Guess what I'm doing tonight.

Whatever happened to "don't be evil?" This decision is antithetical to everything has claimed it and represent.

Also made some individual chicken pot pies for my wife's lunches this week. I guess you could say I had a productive weekend.

Went berry picking yesterday. Made a pie for my wife and daughter today :-)

Went berry picking yesterday. Made a pie for my wife and daughter today :-)

System uptime of 14 days. No wonder things are so slow...

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