@chris I had some limited success with Signal. Have heard anecdotes that WhatsApp is solid there, too, but I haven't tried it.

@chris Everything _except_ my AirPods works seamlessly with Linux. What trouble are you having?

@pollita Looks like a generic EC2 info page? That's ... weird :-(

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Premature abstraction is an equally grevious sin as premature optimization. -- Keith Devens

Haven't heard this one before but it's pretty good.

Just learned I was one of the lucky 4% of folks who fully completed the challenge put on by dotTechDomains.

Means I have a less-than-abysmal chance at winning the overpowered gaming computer at the end of the challenge.



According to Spotify, my top song for 2020 was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Goofy.

Maybe I should find a way to differentiate my music from what I play to entertain my daughter ...

Day two of not being on and I find myself _almost_ going back to it several times a day.

It's remarkable to realize just how much time I spent scrolling through that feed ...

@chris That's troubling. I noticed a similar trend until I turned on Privacy Badger and was super aggressive in blocking trackers and ads.

Since then it's been fine on both Mac and Linux ...

@finlaydag33k Once upon a time I used a script to mine Monero in the browser. It replace Captchas and throttled form submissions. Was great for me. Freaked out my end users tho.

Catch up on my series on password cracking before I wrap things up next week. Today's post covers setting up a Hashtopolis server to spread your Hashcat cracking runs across several different machines:


@timnolte I'll definitely report back. Mostly I'm just lazy and want to blast about new entries on a schedule. Whole reason I used scheduled tweets and everything.

The last day of November begins my month long experiment of abstaining from viewing or interacting with . My blog will still auto-post some stuff, but aside from that I'll be ignoring it and focusing my attention over here.

Wish me luck 🙂

@timnolte That's about where I thought it had landed. Didn't seem like you to just abandon something unless there was a significant blocker on the WP.com side. And I'm not really interested in engaging with that PR if it's blocked by disinterest from that angle as well.

@chris Big Sur had my IT department legit consider finally approving me using one full time for work, so I'll call that a win, too.

Our reasoning was because it broke/breaks our AV and endpoint protection.

What's Joy's?

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