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In 2017, I welcomed my first child and published my first book. In 2018 I spoke at a bunch of conferences, started a new security focused side job, and started a new F/T gig.

Now I'm looking forward to 2019, wondering what it might hold...

One of my first planned launches in January: a newsletter.

What would it take to entice you to subscribe? What content would you want the most?

:grumble: Trying to convert a running t3.small EC2 on-demand instance to reserved to save on cost. AWS console tells me my reserved instances limit has been exceeded.

I have 0 reserved instances. Elsewhere it tells me my limit for t3.small is 20.

Sense. This makes none.

Received news during lunch today of a friend's passing. We hadn't spoken in years, but it still hurts.

My thoughts are with his family :-(

I have a love-hate relationship with continuous integration.

I love it when things are working and all of my code is tested automatically.

I hate the massive amounts of boilerplate and config required to get things set up :-(

Thanks to Chipotle and a short walk around the neighborhood, I'm finally beginning my ascent from dependency hell!

Current status: working my way through dependency hell trying to coordinate an automated integration test build.

Send food.

The new Pixel Slate looks cool. Had I not just blown my budget on a Pixel 3 phone, I'd consider it ...

Anyone got some available consulting work? Will work for a Slate ;-)

TFW an old friend from middle school reaches out on Facebook after ... (man I'm old) years and asks for a couple grand donation "to save me from eviction" and says it's super urgent.

And you're not friends on FB to begin with ... and haven't spoken since high school ...

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I really hope that we can stop using phone numbers as universal identifiers soon. I don't want to have a number. I can be contacted via email (with GPG) and Telegram.

Just had a video chat with my 15mo-old daughter. Makes being away from home for conferences a bit easier.

Thanks to everyone who came to Evolution of PHP Security today at !

Please remember to rate:

Switched to white backgrounds for everything in advance of my talk.

So. Bright.

I miss Darcula already ...

The sign says "we proudly serve Starbucks coffee."

Yeah ... not something to be proud of.

Extra legroom is even more spacious when you're short like me. :-)

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