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On further investigation, the outage was specifically in Clark County. Which is a county in Washington. We live in Washington County in Oregon.

Yeah ... someone got some wires crossed somewhere.

This morning, my wife got an alert that 911 service was down in our area. I did not. The alert told her to call a 360 area code for help - all landlines around here are 503.

Perhaps they messaged based on cellphone area codes? Seems ... inefficient.

"Hi Eric, I saw your post on [link to tag archive] linked to [ABC homepage]. It's a great post. My boss has a proposal for you. He wrote about how to get on Shark Tank and thinks your readers would like..."


Having just spent the last 30 minutes badly mangling my PHP to abide by the WP coding guidelines rather than PSR-1/2 I have to say:

Projects that ignore the community's recommendations for coding style annoy me.

In Dec of 2017, I closed up a 9-yr old sole proprietorship.

This week I received notice said company was voted "best small business" by the chamber of commerce of the town where I haven't lived for 5 years.


Getting blog comments from self-proefessed trolls in Russia accusing me of being a snowflake for standing up for my beliefs. I guess this means I'm doing something right.

Anyone I know planning to get a Pixel? I've got a discount code for $100 off ($150 off the XL). Let me know and I'll hook you up.

See also: why I switched to Linux at home. I might be a bit of a control freak when it comes to my stuff...

TMW your Mac is stalled mid update, and unlocking it fixes the stall, but then says "44 mins remaining" for an update, and you've got a full day of meetings starting in 50 mins. Was really hoping to get something done before hand :-(

Now I get frequent "Encrypted Notification from Facebook" messages that serve no purpose other than to show ... a friend liked a status.

I also opted out of all of their marketing spam, so I didn't need to worry about anything cluttering my inbox. Or ... so I thought.

So ... I use GPG with Facebook to protect any "reset your account" or official emails they might send. Thus far, it's been super effective.

Given the sheer number of Amazon giveaways I've entered, added to the fact that neither I nor anyone I know has ever won, I'm convinced there aren't any prizes. Just a way to selectively profile customer interest...

(Anecdotal, sure. But still...)

YT offers an efficient way to subscribe to channels ... but not a way to block "I think this is trash" channels. Makes its "you might also like" engine less than useless.

Sadly, the majority of the content it recommends is absolute garbage. Mostly from men incensed that a woman is playing the Doctor.

I enjoy Doctor Who. It's awesome. I watch videos on YouTube all the time.

YT then learns from my behavior and makes recommendations. This is ... not a good thing.

My team introduced me to Spotify. Things will never be the same again ...

Also, I need better quality headphones...

... that moment when you get on Facebook for the first time after attending a friend's funeral, only to see news that another old friend has just passed away ...

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