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But ... I _really_ wish there were an incentive to doing this.

This time, it was almost a dozen API keys for Mandrill that I found. Added to the half dozen I reported last summer. I'm confident the team there will shut things down and take appropriate action with their customers.

Imagine someone calling the cops on you because you picked their wallet up off the ground and handed it to them. Same thing. Makes me really _not_ want to help at all sometimes.

Thing is ... I do this on my own time and on my own dime and, more often than not, people freak out thinking I hacked them and threaten me with legal action. For helping them out.

Every now and then I get bored and start poking around looking for publicly exposed API keys and credentials. I ALWAYS find something. It's kind of sad. I want to help developers be better :-(

Changing the oil in the Kia was simultaneously easier and harder than the Toyota...

Also ... I made a mess :-(

I will die on this hill. If you feel attacked by calling out toxic masculinity as toxic, I want you nowhere near me, my family, or my life.

Principles are worth fighting for.

Who forgot to pay Portland's heating bill? Sheesh!

Spending the day at one of my favorite places on Earth...

I meet my wife at 5ish so we can commute home. There's a Starbucks in the ground floor of her office. It closes at 5.

Even if I show up at 4:45 they've already thrown all the food out and are snarky if I order a drink.

Why TF are you open til 5 then?!?

Random DMs starting with "we've learned you'll be attending CES and would love to meet you in person" have me wondering: Does someone know something I don't?

"What if we had a Yelp for prisons?"


"That's just Yelp."

Oh that's rich.

Just got a spam intercept of a message where my addy was in both the from and to fields, but was sent through another popped server (looks like an elementary school).

"This account has been hacked! I send you an email from YOUR hacked account!"

Kind of hilarious ... but also sad because I know a lot of people would fall for this nonsense.

WP Session Manager v4.1.0 is tagged and released. Fixes a couple of database race conditions, adds a cron to auto-clean up sessions under some more conservative configurations, and aborts early if running PHP <7.1

Took down the Christmas tree. My living room is once again liveable.

Want WP Session Manager to work on PHP 5.6. I'll do it, but only if the community pays for the time the extra support takes.

Contribute here =>

I already want to move one code block out of a conditional. And add a quick test to the new `directClean()` method. Will do both before release...

Anything else?

OK, fine. You talked me into it. All 3 are now pending on the 4.1.0-dev branch.

Anyone care to submit a code review?

2/3 of the bugfixes I want to get in the next version of WP Session Manager are ready. I shipped v4.0.0 on Jan 1. When should I queue up 4.1.0? I _might_ be able to get the third fix in tomorrow ... is that enough time between releases?

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