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Spent the afternoon testing backup restoration on my email server. Moved to a shiny new box and everything. Yay?

Kudos to the 12 yr old who built a fusor in his playroom. Feels for the thousands of kids out there who have equal or even greater talent but don't have wealthy parents with an extra $10k lying around to spend on their pre-teen's hobby.

Standing in the cold on the street corner, waiting for a bus that's 10 minutes late to it's first stop. So I can sit in traffic 15 miles home. To my car, where I sit in traffic another 15-20 mins. Reading about people crapping on Bloomberg's opinion that we should invest in trains.

Can you guess which side of the debate I'm on?

Apparently I missed by 2 minutes :-(

Standing at a bus stop for 10 mins. Look down at my phone to check the time. Look up to see the bus passing me by entirely.


So glad they got stopped at a light. Chased the bus for 4 blocks at an all-out sprint...

WordPress 5.1 is out. DGXPCO signatures have been updated :-)

I want a reMarkable. Willing to code review, coach, audit, etc in exchange. Any takers? Let's chat.

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I intentionally say "unwilling" here. If you're _unable_ to pay for my time, say so. That's a perfectly valid point.

But if you pay $0 for my software, you have 0 right to demand anything from me.

Full stop.

Never have I ever locked a GitHub conversation. But I'm tired of this shit.

If you want me to work on a niche use case for you, you're welcome to pay for my time. If you're unwilling to pay, then either do it yourself or leave me alone.

I write OSS tools for fun. When it ceases to be fun, I'll kill off the tools. We're fast approaching that threshold ...

This GitHub thread is why I stopped contributing to WordPress and plugins a while back in the first place. It's this sentiment that makes me completely reconsider having come back.

Further, it's infuriating that some users expect me to continue working on it for free and feel entitled to make demands on my time to do so.

It's understandable why so many devs burn out so easily on OSS...

Did the math this morning. If every current active user of this one tool paid me $0.01 once, I'd have a $100k payday.

I find it awesome that so many people use my stuff.

I find it depressing that I've made $0 in total from it.

Hmm ... I could get for $130k/year. Or for $11k down then $11 (no k)/year.

Can't afford either ... but still nice to know I have options.

Find and beftiend someone who inspires you to be the inspiration for someone else.

Downside of a good book: I finish it way too fast :-(

Four days of reading on my commute and now I need another book...

My daughter was playing in the drawers of our home office and found this. Brings back memories...

:sadpanda: Just tried to use Anaconda to update Python. It got most of the way, then hit a problem with a GUI tool that I don't even use and "rolled back transaction."

Thing is ... part of that transaction was a silent upgrade of Anaconda itself.

So an attempt to upgrade Python via Anaconda resulted in Anaconda removing _both_ Python _and_ itself from my system entirely.

This is why we can't have nice things.

I publish open source tools for free. If you find my tools useful, please contribute to keeping them free: :-)

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