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And for my next trick, "At-Rest Encryption for Complete Data Protection" at ...

Really looking forward to all the talks at this year. I have a (very biased) special interest in the security track ;-)

If I haven't met you before and you're at , please come say hi!

Lots of smart people in the same place for php[tek] ... I wonder how many we can get into Mastodon in one week ...

Keeping track of the local job market so I can keep my team's compensation competitive is ... interesting.

Two companies, similar size, both advertising for a "Principal Software Engineer" vacancy. One's offering $170k. The other $57k.

This is what makes fair compensation difficult.

Finish grabbing everything I need at the store. Walk up to pay. Everything starts beeping. "We're sorry everyone. The entire system just went down. We can only accept cash at this time."

Is this the end times???

"Speaking of frameworks: PHP isn't just WordPress anymore."

Well said :-)

"“End-to-end encryption” is a marketing device used by companies such as Facebook to lull consumers wary about cyber-surveillance into a false sense of security."

So many dangerous and flat out WRONG things about this statement...

I have serious problems with services like Amazon keeping track of and blocking access from browsers using VPNs. There are reasons people use VPNs. They're a good thing. Amazon (and others) actively discouraging the practice is a bad precedent for us all.

A battle over checks and balacnes. I wonder how it will edn!

I don't say it as often in public as I should, but my team is amazing!

The release of WordPress 5.2 brings cryptographic release signing to core by default. As such, the 5.2.X branch will be the last branch I will sign with DGXPCO.

Once you upgrade to 5.2, please deactivate DGXPCO moving forward and use the core team's signatures to verify releases.

If you start a task, say yard work, and part way through you realize a tool is broken or inefficient... Stop.

Get the right tool and finish the job later.

If, instead of getting the right tool for a 15-minute job, you spend over two hours doing something manually, you lose any right to complain about the difficulty of the work. Five minutes to get the new tool saves you 2 hours of work. Your exhaustion and frustration is 100% your fault.

I have 0 sympathy for your stubbornness.

If your younger self could meet you today, would they be happy with what they see?

Final day of vacation was spent feeding baby alpacas. I was surprised at how much my daughter enjoyed it!

Late start to vacay day 2, but while yesterday consisted if sun and hiking, today is all skiing. I love Oregon!

Tried to talk my team into a group screening of Endgame. They weren't interested. One heavily pooh-poohed the idea.

Then, seeing the media attention the film got, he finally watched Infinity War last night.

Got a nice apology this morning :-)

But I still haven't seen Endgame... :-(

In the age of personalized news feeds, we need to do something about spoilers. My feed was filled with "OMG, _____ died!" articles about GoT before the episode even ended! Consequence of living on the West Coast, sure. But come on!

As my almost-2-yr-old was trying to go down the slide, two 12-yr-olds decided it was a perfect time to race each other _up_ the slide. I yelled at them to stop. Their parents just laughed.

This is why we can't have nice things.

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