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Someone was telling me last week that I could use GPG with Gmail in the browser without needing to load my private key into the browser at all. Is that true? Which Firefox extension do I need?

For the second half of 2019, I want to blog more. Again. Thinking weekly.

I also need to refresh the design of Any theme suggestions? Doesn't necessarily need to stick to Genesis ...

Spent some time thinking about a will this week. We're working to draw one up, but when "if we put it in the safe, how does anyone know to get it out if they need it?"

Which raises a very good question about post-life services. I know there've been "dead man switch" style products out there in the past, but can't think of any right now ... part of me wants to build one, but figured I'd ask around to see if that wheel's already been invented first.

Plastic bracket on the crib snapped. Spent last night improvising one out of wood with a chisel and knife.

Really want a 3D printer now...

I'm not one for mystic messages or insight, but a large part of me feels that someone somewhere has been praying and hearing a message and isn't sure who it's for right now. I'm in need of some specific guidance right now ... so if you have a word from above you feel you need to pass on but aren't sure to whom, maybe it's me?

Let's chat...

To my neighbors:

If you have a problem with the bushes alongside my house, feel free to knock on the door and tell me. Calling the police to have them threaten me with a $500/day fine until I trim them is incredibly passive aggressive and not in the least "neighborly."

Biggest downside of single sign on? It's also a single point of failure...

Finally got the chance to see Endgame. Wow.

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Related: The last people who put my front tires on were Les Schwab, after I blew out a tire hitting a pot hole. Apparently they used an impact wrench to tighten the lugnuts.

I had to jump up and down on my tire iron to get them to break free. So glad I did this in my garage and not, say, on the side of the highway changing a flat...

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Just threw entirely new pads on myself. Silence.

I loathe a liar.

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Of the 4 pads:
- Two had huge divots in the ceramic
- One was split and missing half the metal backplate
- One was pristine

The car had squealed since I got it back from the shop. He and 2 other, independent mechanics swore it was normal and would go away.

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After 6 months of "just give them a few more weeks to break in" from the mechanic, I got fed up and replaced my brakes myself. Good thing, too. Inner break pad on the passenger side was shattered.

Honestly, looks like he dropped them, broke them, and just hoped I wouldn't notice.

Finally sorted out my build cache issued. Full CI/CD pipleine is now ~20mins (vs 1h 20mins).

It's only this slow because it needs to also move/sync 4GB of static assets across servers. Majority of the lag is network ...

Leveraging `split` and `cat` to bypass the annoying "this file is too large" error on GitHub makes me feel super 1337.

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Playing with Piwigo as a Google Photos replacement this morning. It's... ok, but I feel like it's going to be too hard to manage. Does anyone have a better recommendation? I really just want to be able to control my photo storage and be able to access from anywhere and share only with my wife.

cc @switchingsocial

I'm a workaholic for a simple reason: every time I stop to look at the world around me, I'm disgusted. Children in cages. Prosecuting people for providing water to the dying. Rampant racism and sexism in my city.

Or the guy who left his 4 yr old in a car alone at the mall so he could buy a phone at T-Mobile. When date night becomes "let's find security" night, you live in a sick and depraved world.

I'm a workaholic because the alternative is soul crushing & killing me.

Four hours into this meeting, and my Mac is dead. I remember when these batteries used to last all day. I'm not even running Chrome or Slack ...

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