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Mowed over a sprinkler this afternoon. Guess what I'm doing tonight.

Whatever happened to "don't be evil?" This decision is antithetical to everything has claimed it and represent.

Also made some individual chicken pot pies for my wife's lunches this week. I guess you could say I had a productive weekend.

Went berry picking yesterday. Made a pie for my wife and daughter today :-)

Went berry picking yesterday. Made a pie for my wife and daughter today :-)

System uptime of 14 days. No wonder things are so slow...

On further analysis, the reviews stating "this was a perfect fit for my ___" are referencing bikes that don't even have disc brakes ...

This shows us the penalty in America for failing to properly secure customers' data is ... less than the expense of buying each of those breached customers a Frappuccino.

Ordered new brake pads for my bike. Thanks to Amazon, they got here in like a day. Too bad they aren't the right ones, despite being labelled as such on the website. Totally getting my money back.

I ordered a gaming mouse. It's great. Apparently I can change the LED colors if I install the drivers.

That came on a CD.

Good thing I like blue.

My mom is playing kids music for my daughter in the next room. The chorus "there are 8 planets in the solar system ..."

Get off my lawn!!!

I've been using and loving on my Android ... but today I got a notice that it was being discontinued :-(

Anyone got an alternative client recommendation?

Someone was telling me last week that I could use GPG with Gmail in the browser without needing to load my private key into the browser at all. Is that true? Which Firefox extension do I need?

For the second half of 2019, I want to blog more. Again. Thinking weekly.

I also need to refresh the design of Any theme suggestions? Doesn't necessarily need to stick to Genesis ...

Spent some time thinking about a will this week. We're working to draw one up, but when "if we put it in the safe, how does anyone know to get it out if they need it?"

Which raises a very good question about post-life services. I know there've been "dead man switch" style products out there in the past, but can't think of any right now ... part of me wants to build one, but figured I'd ask around to see if that wheel's already been invented first.

Plastic bracket on the crib snapped. Spent last night improvising one out of wood with a chisel and knife.

Really want a 3D printer now...

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