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Ah new years. Your annual reminder that Mailman-based lists store your passwords in plaintext as they email it back to you in the clear right at midnight ...

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Dear web developers and admins,
please stop embedding Google's hideous #ReCaptcha into your websites. Its algorithm is faulty, forcing regular users to click dozens or even hundreds of fire hydrants, bicycles, or traffic lights each day. It puts a 'suspicious activity' flag on users who won't obey to Google's business model - such as people who don't sign into Chrome, use anonymity VPNs, or use browser extensions to suppress common tracking mechanisms. Enough is enough. Stop it.

I enjoy the new Macgyver series. Except for when they make stupid obvious mistakes like talking about jamming an "RDIF" signal when they clearly meant RFID.

And it was in a voiceover. Easy to re-record. Ugh.

Whoa. The juxtaposition between Mando and Maxwell Lord ... Pedro Pascal is absolutely amazing.

One thing I've learned from this pandemic... 

... is that my family eats a lot of bread. Like a lot.

It's one thing when you buy it from the store. Or as part of meals at restaurants. But when you make it at home instead you realize just how much you consume.

I've made anywhere from 1 to 3 loaves each week since March :-/

Thank goodness I got a bread machine last Christmas!

This year: a home brewing kit. :-D

One of my favorite Christmas traditions: homemade cinnamon rolls :-)

Now to refrigerate overnight so they rise.

Looking at my Garmin stats for the year you can see gym use high in Jan, waning in Feb, and all but gone in March. Since then I added walking and have gradually picked running back up (despite it being only 29F this morning).

Time to get back into shape.

Who else has gear so I can connect with folks for friendly challenges?

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cw: WMD/ genocide

@cadadr There is of course some work in the field, though it's not given the emphasis it deserves. Several commentators have noted that CompSci, unlike physics, has not yet had its Hiroshima moment (Ex-Googler and G+ architect Yonatan Zunger, trained in physics, among them).

That notion itself may be flawed: consequences of computer-based moral failure rarely arrive as blinding insights of unignorable magnitude airdropped with precision and creating both tens of thousands of martyrs and witnesses.

The same conflict which birthed Little Boy also snuffed the souls of 6 million Jews (and others) with less haste, but punch-card precision, tabulated and enumerated by IBM as per contract operating in and for Nazi Germany, recording data with serial numbers, some of which still remain tatooed on the arms of survivors.

And yet computer science is almost wholly unaware of its Holocaust past.


#ethics #CompSci #hiroshima #holocaust #wwii #genocide #ibm #IbmAndTheHolocaust #WMD #NuclearWeapons

One of my favorite things is getting an email notification that my account and personal data was stolen from a vendor as part of a breach.

A vendor with whom I have never set up an account ...

I use custom email addresses when I sign up for services. So glad that I do.

Started through some worksheets on how to set up a will and a trust for my family. Not a big deal (but a lot of work), though it required registration to save my work.

They sold my info to "My Funeral Quote.." OK ... kind of related? But still.

They in turn sold my info to ... "Customized Letters from Santa."


TFW you're running hashcat on rented AWS hardware only to suddenly remember you have an overpowered GPU sitting unused in a machine learning laptop on the other desk in the office.

My Oryx Pro puts the AWS rigs to shame.


Explaining to family members literally crying in anguish as they can't understand why I'm skipping a family event for the first time ... ever ... is mentally and emotionally draining.

"Please just trust me right now. I need for you to trust that I'm doing this for the right reasons."

Deaf ears. Constant tears.

I hate 2020.

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Saw an article the other day about how covid has ruined friendships and divided families. I kind of got it ... but not until I had to explain why we wouldn't be joining the large family Christmas morning gathering did it _really_ resonate with me.

I hate 2020.

Just learned The Expanse is out!

Gonna work hard to resist the urge to just stop working and binge all the great sci-fi.

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irc may be old and clunky but at least it can't get acquired by salesforce

Attempting to 3D print a duplo rail to see if I can expand my daughter's train set ... so far, so good. And she'll like having pink rails :-)

Amazon driver dropped off a package, then stood in front of my house to smoke for ~10 minutes. That was new ...

Slackbot alerting me on the desktop to download the desktop app for a better experience is peak irony.

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