Accidentally ran my phone through the washing machine for 20ish minutes before realizing. It can’t decide if it wants to work or not. It’s doing remarkably well considering, but features keeping coming and going. 😑🥴

Been a little since visually there was much to show. Lots of prep work and now, some lights are up! Pretty soon we’ll be able to hang new drywall!

Clean up day today. Starting to look like a house again instead of a construction site.

Got another 3 hours in tonight. Demo is very nearly done. Mostly just clean up at this point. We ended up taking the cabinets down and the stove hood came down too. Some very sketchy electrical work back there. Also found a 2 foot gap between the fan and the vent that was just enclosed in a cover in the cabinet above. Eventually the what did they do there questions have got to end, right? Current status:

Broken bathroom fan. Take it apart to see why. Drop set screw into sink drain. Go to get screw out of trap. Drain was broken, held together by plumbers putty. Shut off water to sink to prevent water from going to drain. 3 days later Water is all over the floor. Shut off water main. Start removing valves. No room, eventually remove sink and cabinet. Finally dremmel the stuck compression ring. Replace valves with new and restore water to the house. No kitchen demo yesterday...

Demo day 3 - about half the drop ceiling has been removed. Getting the insulation out first is a real pain. Shop vac FTW. One more good day like this and I think all the sheet roc will be off. Still looking for final confirmation that a corner is not weight bearing.

Demolition day 2. Ceiling insulation is being moved and drywall pulled off. The room is really going to feel good with the kitchen open to it.

All of the main drywall patches done. Not super hard once you get the hang of it.

Tomorrow on to reviewing each wall for additional repair work.

Today was a whiteboard day. Highly enjoyable, but I am also mentally very tired. Tomorrow will consist of a lot of writing to document the thinking. ✍️

Headed to to listen to a talk on tech debt by - looking forward to it!

Trying to buy a home is one of the most stressful, learning intensive things I have done.

Some nights are harder than others. Nathan woke about once an hour. I am on coffee cup number three as a result. 💤

I’m slow, s l o w l y, getting to the point where I’ll start writing again. Many healthy habits I need to pick back up.

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Good morning, PHPC, and happy Friday! I'm hoping for a fun and productive day full of interesting (and accomplishable) challenges, not just for me, but for you all.

It's September and, at least in the Twin Cities, the sun is out. Let's do this!

About ready to declare podcast bankruptcy... I’ve grown a little too long of a backlog.

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