Facebook is using the iPhone’s camera as users scroll their feed (thenextweb.com)

Not surprised these guys play along so well

Growing is a roller-coaster. Surviving through all the bumps is what counts at the end.

2018 - updating mobile gear. 2019 should be notebook time but now I'm still thinking through Note 9 vs. the upcoming Pixel and Huawei keynotes along with the bug question mark on watches.

Note 9 pros: BT pen for talks and notes and recording. 8GB RAM, Bixby seems like crap but it actually tunes really well into phone ops! Good watches too. Also, notch-less and has a STEREO JACK.

Pixel 3 seems like a disappointing upgrade. Will see.

Digital rights matter to me. That is why support EDRi to work on freedom in Europe. edri.org/donate/

The stats on how WordPress websites get hacked: kinsta.com/blog/is-wordpress-s. Top reasons seem to be: outdated plugins, WordPress core, then brute force (password guessing) attacks

@swift@raki.social oh hey, more than a pleasure to connect here. 😀

I've got half a dozen other premium plugins on deck - all of which will flesh out my full security suite.

Just need time to polish and launch 'em.

What security features would you like to see most? Will help me prioritize ...

Now that the Pixel 3 photos/news leaked and a Pixel watch is not coming, I'm brainstorming on my next device update.

Thinking about OnePlus or a Huawei P20 as alternatives. Can't see a decent flagman out there, some of the new power Chinese brands seem fine too.

Also thinking about smartwatches, I sport Huawei Watch 2 but I see some Casio and Diesel watches that seem intriguing.

Any thoughts?

GitHub out of sync

Slack not connecting

Office VPN out

The productivity game today is _hard_

The smartest solution for an infant by far is an empty room. One of the leading reasons I come in to my mom's country house, we don't have that much space at home 🙄

It's the third time I gave Intercom a shot but didn't work at the end. Like the UI and the brand but it simply doesn't work as expected and there are pretty decent cheaper alternatives.

@mpeshev has some great points in this post. My take, the race to the bottom cannot sustain any creative industry over time, WordPress is no exception. devwp.eu/business/envato-or-wh

That awkward moment when someone asks for a professional advice and goes on explaining how they know better.

Sure, I just pulled it out of nowhere, that's how it works.

There is no website in the world which needs ONE THOUSAND cookies!
How did we get into this mess?

someone forgot they were crying af in the car, God bless inflatable pools

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